More than ever, organizations need to know their customers better

In today’s competitive world, products are more of a commodity and customers more knowledgeable and less loyal; the organization lives and dies by customer opinion and resulting actions. More than ever, organizations need to know their customers better, improve customer communication and understand what to offer their customers and how.

We assist you in building your customer relations effectively and efficiently:

  • by constructing a customer relationship management strategy, processes, organization and technology that maintain relationships over time
  • by creating customer segmentation, based on the extent of information the company holds, and then plan optimal value propositions and touch points for the different segments
  • by identifying potential churn and planning retention and loyalty programs to increase adherence
  • by constantly seeking out the best customer experience in order to increase customer engagement
  • by using data analysis sophistically to evaluate sales and one-on-one marketing performance and compare to best practices in order to increase conversion and improve results

B-Pro’s CEO, Mrs. Keren Shaked, CCXP, is leading the academic activity of “B-Next Campus”, the only campus in Israel that is officially recognized by the Customer Experience Professional Association (the CXPA) as a unique professional training program for Customer Experience. B-Next Campus’ Customer Experience Course combines academic and industry leading best practices in the Customer Experience domain, with expert lecturers from global customer-centric companies.